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We Provide Life-Changing Opportunities for People with Disabilities

At Wheelchairsport, we understand how difficult it is to live with disabilities or have family or friends who are physically disabled. This is why we are working to provide an avenue for people with disabilities whereby they would-be afforded equal opportunities to engage fully in sporting activities as well as any recreation of their choice.

NDIS Sports Guide

The NDIS sports guide, otherwise referred to as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an innovative guide or way of ensuring that they provide support for people in Australia who are living with a disability. The guide is a more guaranteed way of making sure disabled people take an active part in the community and also achieve their goals.


DSR kids

Disability sports and recreation kids is a program entirely centred on kids with disabilities. We believe every kid, regardless of their disability, deserves a chance to a chance to partake in sporting activities of their choice. Our offerings at DSR Kids include summer camp, hospital program, winter camp, and future leaders program. Through this, we provide life-changing opportunities for young people.


CyclePower is an initiative which stems from the idea that participation in sports and recreation is a fundamental right which nobody should deny any human being. As such, CyclePower believes that participation in sporting and recreational activities brings people together. CyclePower’s value proposition is unique in that it’s an innovative and exciting means of connecting with the citizens and its country while simultaneously raising funds for a too humanitarian cause.

Wheelchair Rugby SA

Of all the exciting sports on wheels, Wheelchair Rugby is the most exciting. It is a game of rugby played wheelchair, made especially for people living with a disability. The game is extremely fast-paced and usually played with so many tactics. The game has evolved so much since the year 2000. Its popularity has taken off all over the world, and it is now part of the Paralympic Games.


The Wheeltalk is one of our initiatives through which we foster the inclusion of our community members. Wheeltalk is essentially an inclusion awareness program through which we ensure the continued health and safety of the community. At Wheelchairsport, our community is our priority. As such, we do all that we can to make them feel valued and vital. Wheeltalk is one of the ways through which we make them know they matter to us.


At Wheelchairsport, we are always on the lookout for persons who are genuinely interested in offering their services to promote our mission. We are looking out for volunteers who are ready to support us and encourage the active participation of people with disability in sporting and recreational activities. We are also looking for those who will enhance health positivity results for disabled persons and ensure they recognise the importance of sports and recreation.

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