Getting to Know Us

It is common knowledge that health is wealth. It is an essential requirement for all humans to live and enjoy life. At Wheelchairsport, we regard health with the utmost importance. Everything we do at Wheelchairsport revolves around providing sports and recreational opportunities for people with spinal disability or injury.

At Wheelchairsport, we understand how difficult it is to live with disabilities or have family or friends who are physically disabled. This is why we are working to provide an avenue for people with disabilities whereby they would-be afforded equal opportunities to engage fully in sporting activities as well as any recreation of their choice.

Wheelchairsport is a non-profit organisation. As such, we direct all our actions towards meeting the needs of people living with a disability. We feel deeply about the disabled in our society, and we do not prioritise profit-making. We simply want to help them in any way that we can.

Our organisation is responsible for managing sporting and recreational activities for the disabled persons, including but not limited to; quadriplegia, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries.

In line with our principles, we pay attention to the voice of disabled persons and fight for their voices to be heard. We also collaborate with various organisations to offer a wide range of sporting and recreational options to people living with a disability.

At Wheelchairsport, we advocate raising more awareness about people living with disability so that they can know that their health and their lives matter. All these and more, we successfully carry out at Wheelchairsport.

Our Vision

We aim to have a world-class organisation where all persons living with a disability can have easy access to sport and recreations of their choice. We hope to access a lot of disabled individuals in the nearest time and provide them with an alternative sporting and recreational experience in the face of the challenges they face.

Our Mission

We hope to achieve the following.

Our Values

At Wheelchairsport, we have a highly structured program of encouragement and support to help increase the participation of disabled persons in sports and recreation. At the core of our offerings are absolute values that we hold dear to our heart. They include:

Who Do We Work With?