Providing Access to Sports and Recreation

CyclePower is an initiative which stems from the idea that taking part in sports and recreational activities is a fundamental right which nobody should deny any human being. As such, CyclePower believes that participation in sporting and recreational activities brings individuals together. CyclePower’s value proposition is unique in that it’s an innovative and exciting means of connecting with the citizens and its country while simultaneously raising funds for a too humanitarian cause.

The initiative, since its inception, has provided compelling examples of ways sports and recreation have been of immense benefits to a lot of persons, most especially people living with a disability. Its goal is to ensure that people with disability have a way to express themselves through the means of sports and recreation.

Since its inception, the CyclePower idea has consistently visited numerous countries and supporting projects across various continents. Over nine years, some of the countries that have been visited by the CyclePower Initiative are Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Fiji, Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

However, due to the emergence of COVID-19, we have not been able to do much this year. Regardless, once the necessary restrictions get lifted, we intend to get back on the road. We plan to offer people living with a disability an opportunity for fun. We shall release our subsequent travel news or initiatives would be released in our newsletters. Do check back for the information on more of our endeavours.

If you are interested, you are more than welcome to participate and join like-minded individuals who remain passionate about sports as well as having an impact on the world. Join in also for an exciting cycling experience through several kilometres of landscapes while simultaneously raising funds for people with disability. This way, you get to explore, gain independence and understand the challenges and limitations faced by disabled individuals. As you have fun and co-exist within the same environment, you get to discover your inner strengths, learn various cultures and understand other people’s abilities and challenges.

Additionally, the CyclePower initiative will assist you in the following.

  • Use and maximise your skills and knowledge to realise common goals; you get to hone your skills and tap into your inner strengths to solve various challenges you would encounter along the way.
  • Develop a better understanding and idea of diversity and inclusion; you also get to understand the power and unity in variety, understand how people from different backgrounds functions, and get work done effectively.
  • Learn about new ways to overcome obstacles. Asides honing your skills, you also learn new one useful for overcoming various problems and challenges
  • Set and achieve your health and fitness goals. By cycling, engaging in various sporting and recreational activities as you go through large kilometres of landscape, you also get fit physically, hence making it possible and more comfortable to achieve your health fitness goals.
  • Develop insights and understanding of empathy, mindset, inclusion, and resilience.