NDIS Sports Guide

The NDIS Sports Guide

The NDIS sports guide, otherwise referred to as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an innovative guide or way of ensuring that they provide support for people in Australia who are living with a disability. The guide is a more guaranteed way of making sure disabled people take an active part in the community and also achieve their goals.

The first step is for you to get approved for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), if approved, then you are a step in the right direction. After approval, you will need to prepare yourself for the planning meeting. Also, you will need to get your plan reviewed. At this stage, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) scrutinises the plan to see how well it has been going.

During the planning meeting stage, you will have discussions as regards the kind of support you would require. You will also discuss your set-goals, as well as your plan of actions on achieving them. At this point is when you will talk about how you will participate in a range of sporting and recreational activities such as dancing, clapping, horse riding etc.

Alternatively, this discussion might come in when you are reviewing your plan, and you would like to include sport or recreational activities in your plan.

Either way, there are some compelling steps or guides that would help you with the things you need to know and what you are to prepare for.

The first thing you should do is to find a sport or recreation that you are genuinely interested in and would like to participate in.

If you have not found a sports activity that’s for you, it might be due to some of the following reasons.

  • – The availability of the type of sports
  • – The ease of accessibility of the needed equipment
  • – Financial impediment or restraint
  • – Physical accessibility to venues
  • – Transport to and from programs vis-à-vis sustainability of participation in sporting activities.
  • In choosing the right sport, you can always take the following steps.
  • – Make a thorough research on all-inclusive programs within your vicinity
  • – Get to know the local activities you may be able to take part in by getting in touch with the inclusion officer at your local council.
  • – Contact organisations that provide sports and recreation services for disabled people and ask them questions.

In taking part in any sporting or recreational activities, ensure that you make your findings of some of the things you would need. For instance, the equipment required in that particular sport, accessibility to the location, transport, and support, among others.

Make a list of sporting activities you do or would do each day in a week. Make it as detailed as possible because the more detailed it is, the more likely you are to get these activities funded.

Ensure that you set some objectives that are in line with sports and recreation. These goals will be linked up with your sports and included in your NDIS plan.

Ensure that you put your report all together. The more information you can take to your planning meeting, the better.

Lastly, get some help from time to time and always speak up for yourself if you are not comfortable with your NDIS plan or get someone that would speak up for you.

Meta Description: The NDIS sports guide is an innovative guide of ensuring that they provide support for people in Australia who are living with a disability. Read more here.