Contributing Through Volunteering

At Wheelchairsport, we are always on the lookout for persons who are genuinely interested in offering their services to promote our mission. We are looking out for volunteers who are ready to support us and foster our mission of encouraging active participation of people with disability in sporting and recreational activities.

We are also looking for those who will make available and enhance health positivity results for disabled persons, reach more members of the disabled community and ensure they recognise the importance of sports and recreation.

There are so many ways you can decide to volunteer under Wheelchairsport. For instance, you can volunteer to help to carry out administrative duties, raising funds, liaising and partnering with other organisations, improving our social media presence, and volunteering at our events, among others.

Worthy of note is the fact that volunteering with us to help people living with a disability can help you in several ways. Some of which include.

  • Help you acquire new experiences and learn new skills. These activities could be an excellent boost for your CV and help increase of chances of being employable. Learning a new skill could also be a chance to do something new and relatively interesting simply
  • Introduce you to a new range of people; through volunteering, you get to meet a lot of persons, expand your network and make new friends
  • Improve your health and well-being; through volunteering, you get to move from place to place, engage in various activities and make you more and more fit
  • Provide a sense of meaning and purpose to your life by helping others and doing something important. Service to humanity is the best work of life; you get to be a part of a more significant cause and get fulfilment from doing things to help others who cannot help themselves.

In getting started in your volunteering journey, there are a few steps or guides to familiarise yourself with, they include.

Get a copy of our volunteer handbook and familiarise yourself with every basic information necessary.

Get a copy of the online application form and fill it to indicate interest in being a volunteer.

At this stage, we shall assess your application, and it will undergo scrutiny before we determine if you are fit to take up the role of a volunteer within our organisation. No matter the response, you will definitely get feedback from us as regards your application.

We might also have to arrange a phone or video interview before selection if need be. During the interview, you will intimate us on previous experiences as a volunteer, as well as your skills and interests then, what you hope to achieve by volunteering with our organisation.

You get an invitation to become a member of our Facebook community page where you would get access to a range of volunteer opportunities.

We shall invite you for an induction session where we shall assign you a volunteer role.

Volunteers must have a working experience with children under specific programs.

Anyone, not less than 18 years of age, can be a volunteer. Also, all volunteers must go through a Police check while registering with the organisation.