Wheelchair Rugby SA

Wheelchair Rugby SA

Of all the exciting sports on wheels, Wheelchair Rugby represents the most interesting. It stands as a game of rugby played on a wheelchair, made especially for people living with a disability. The game is extremely fast-paced and usually played with so many tactics. The game is for disabled persons; as such, it affects nothing less than three of the limbs. The game has evolved so much since the year 2000. Its popularity has improved all over the world, and it is now part of the Paralympic Games.

The game gets played on the basketball court for four, 8-minute quarters. in this exciting game, two teams compete against each other with the use of their wheelchairs designed especially for the purpose. The wheelchairs are made to crash, block then trap their opposition, and the main aim of the game is to score a try while preventing their opponents from also scoring any try. Typically, a try occurs when one player successfully crosses the opponent’s goal line while having the ball.

The wheelchair rugby, although too intensive, is mostly a friendly sport which is accessible to all genders as long as they are willing to play. The game is almost classified to allow players with diverse functionality play and compete equally. With the perfect blend of various games like ice hockey manner of checking, basketball movement, rugby-style scoring and the use of volleyball, there is also an avenue for spectators to get entertained.

The overseeing body for this sport is the Wheelchair Rugby Australia, and all the teams in the sport compete at various seasons for a cup which is known as the “Wheelchair Rugby Cup.” The governing body partners with Victoria rugby association and the primary goal of this is to strengthen local communities of this sport and support them, as well as giving numerous fans and spectators access to this exciting and adventurous game.

Each of the teams competing have their names as well as club colours. Some of them include VRU, Melbourne Rugby Club, Harlequin Rugby Melbourne, Power House Rugby Union and Box Hill RUFC. Over time, people get to pick their favourites as they watch each team compete to win the cup.

How Do You Get Involved?

Every week, training sessions held, and people who have a keen interest in being players get involved and learn to play. All age range, gender, skill level, and size are welcome to train as long as the interest and willingness to learn is presently coupled with our safe, conducive and encouraging environment that is all you need to have fun realising how to play wheelchair rugby.

If you want to know more as regards the game of wheelchair rugby, feel free to contact us for deep insights regarding the game ranging from international competitions to national competition, state, championships, and local training.

We also approve the fair play code released by the Government of Victoria, which is a codified set of regulations as well as code of conduct concerning sports and recreation. Everyone, including our partners, is expected to adhere to them.