Driving Inclusion through the Wheeltalk

The Wheeltalk is one of our initiatives through which we foster the inclusion of our community members. Wheeltalk is essentially an inclusion awareness program through which we ensure the continued health and safety of the community. At Wheelchairsport, our community is our priority. As such, we do all that we can to make them feel valued and vital. Wheeltalk is one of the ways through which we make them know they matter to us.

Through our initiative, we help to reduce the risk and spread of infection as nothing is more important than the health and safety of the community. Our various programs do have a role to play in guaranteeing these health and safety.  This is because we consider the safety of every member of society as part of our existence. We hope to promote healthy well-being without any form of exclusion whatsoever.

Every year, we organise the Wheeltalk event, which is an interactive program where we invite various schools and student and encourage them about openness, diversity and inclusion. Precisely, to be open to multiple students, including those living with a disability, and more importantly, welcome people with disability into their community.

However, the COVID-9 restrictions have prevented us from organising one in 2020. We hope to get back to it soon.

The Wheeltalk Victorians places focus on Victorians with a disability who are very active in sporting and recreational activities. It combines touching stories of those living with disability and the opportunity to compete in a wheelchair sport.

The sessions run for approximately 90 minutes. They get tailored to each person’s needs or however way a person wants it to be. We have presenters who tour all over Victoria by visiting schools and delivering Wheeltalk, irrespective of your location. The Wheeltalk is one of the most creative and innovative ways of getting to meet some of the capabilities and content descriptors of the new Victorian Curriculum.

Who is Wheeltalk for?

Primary Schools

The Wheeltalk suit the needs of primary schools

Secondary Schools

Secondary schools too as well have a designed Victorian Wheeltalk curriculum.

Other organisations and establishments that the Wheeltalk is designed for include:

  • Universities
  • TAFEs and private colleges
  • The Government
  • Private Businesses
  • Corporations and non-governmental organisations
  • Other institutions which are not established for profit-making.

In essence, the Wheeltalk initiative is designed for everyone as long as there is a dire need for all to learn about diversity and inclusion.

If your establishment or non-profit organisation is sincerely interested in engaging with our unique awareness program for persons living with a disability, feel free to contact us. Let us collaborate to see how we can encourage more students to think about diversity, acceptance and disability – with a primary focus on inclusion.

We are looking forward to meeting and collaborating with you.